Aaron Blaxall – Level 4 Information Systems Business Analyst apprentice at Abri Housing

“I was really concerned about taking up education again, but I am enjoying it immensely!”

What would you say to someone considering a Level 4 Information Systems Business Analyst Apprenticeship?

“To other people considering an apprenticeship, I would say don’t be afraid! It may seem daunting at first – it certainly was for me, but the trainers are fantastic, it is really relaxed and as long as you put the effort in, you will reap the rewards. For someone who was really concerned about going into education again, I am enjoying it immensely!

My trainer is incredible, from what I have witnessed so far. His style is very relaxed, but he is incredibly insightful and always goes the extra mile. My mentor has been incredible too, I always feel like I can message her with questions, she is very down to earth and steers me gently into the right path. I have loved working with them.”

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship, and what are the most important things you have learnt?

“I decided to do the apprenticeship because I wanted a change of role. I had been working in HR for six years, and the role of a Business Analyst really interested me as a fresh challenge. It was so varied and could tap into a skillset I already had.

Everything I have learnt has been extremely appropriate for me because I am new to the role with no real background in Business Analysis. I started the role in August (2020) and the apprenticeship is in place to help me understand and complete the work. This course has allowed me to learn the background to Business Analysis, as well as lots of tools and techniques which can be used within my role at Abri.

The most important things I have learnt are the different tools and techniques applied. There are so many tools and techniques that can be applied to different business scenarios. You acquire your own ‘toolbox’ and take each tool and technique as you see fit according to the business situation and need.”

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