Alex Sapcote – Level 4 Associate Project Manager Apprentice at Network Rail

“Since I started the apprenticeship I’ve
been asked to do more work with bigger
schemes and more responsibility.”

“To someone considering a project management apprenticeship I would advise them to understand what skills they have that are transferable, as there is no need to have prior experience. I’d also advise them to find an apprenticeship with a company they like, and approach it all with a strong curiosity to learn.”

“I work closely with project managers assisting on large projects. I attending meetings on behalf of Asset Protection project managers. I take notes, act as an interface with stakeholders and complete tasks such as estimates, engineering forms and tracking information flow.

In addition I am also involved in smaller projects aimed at proactively eliminating risk to the safe operation of the railway. I monitor the project’s schedule and risk to determine what resourcing Asset Protection will need to source and acquire to meet the project goals.

I work with many different members in each team and often get asked to get involved with continuous improvement projects which incorporate root cause analysis, business case development and then a full business improvement project once the budget is assigned.”

“Since I started the apprenticeship I’ve taken on project administration, helped members develop their own projects, helped the construction team and been accountable for small, risk-based projects. That has led to me being noticed and I’ve already been asked to do more work within bigger projects and take on more responsibility. I have freedom to choose interesting and challenging tasks where I enjoy the accountability.”

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