Alexandre Chevalier – Level 3 Software Development Technician at Pennine Acute NHS

“I’m more able to problem solve and think about things for myself.”

What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship?

“To prospective apprentices, I would say: it can be hard doing an apprenticeship – to study at the same time as doing your job, but all the right support has been there to help me to do it, and I feel so much more confident in my role with what I have learned.

What does your job involve? How has the apprenticeship impacted your role?

“As an Electronic Forms Developer, the main part of my job is to create and maintain electronic forms for use in an Electronic Patient Record system. To do that I script them using JavaScript. I am more confident since I started the apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship has given me much greater understanding in how to write good code and has allowed me to solve problems myself in an efficient way, without having to just reuse code.

Now I know how and why it works the way it does, which has definitely improved the way I create forms. I can create a function from scratch or do something more specific in a better way and with much more confidence in myself.

I am able to work more independently and produce a higher quality of work. I’m more able to problem solve and think about things for myself, whereas before I might have had to sit down with someone else if there was a specific function on a form that was needed.”

How do you plan to progress after you finish your apprenticeship?

“The apprenticeship will give me my first IT qualification and I hope that this, with the experience gained in my current role, will help me advance within my organisation. I am also potentially interested in the IT projects side in the future, as I enjoyed this element of the course.”


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