Anthony Byrne – line manager of Level 4 Data Analyst apprentice Danny Sneddon at Nottingham City Council

“I am more confident in Danny’s ability to perform more difficult tasks.”

What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship for a member of staff or a new hire?

“To employers considering an apprenticeship for a member of staff or a new hire, I would advise them to be clear on why they need an apprentice and how it aligns to the skills/competence base of their team or business. The apprenticeship needs to fit with the objectives and bring real added value, for your immediate needs but also for needs of the business as you move forward. Future planning on the apprentice’s fit is key.

With the ATP, the live virtual training approach has been incredibly flexible and easily adjustable around Danny’s work schedule, especially during the lockdown. He feels fully involved with his tutor and the class and can pick up more knowledge and skills through screen sharing as he can see the content more clearly onscreen. So far the training and ATP team have been good and very engaging in all areas of learning.”

Has Danny’s performance improved as he has progressed with his apprenticeship?

“Danny has vastly increased his knowledge on the various ways of collecting data through the internet, as well as how to manipulate and change information for reporting. He also has a stronger understanding with security measures when handling data, such as how long obsolete data should be kept for and when to dispose of it.

He has also significantly increased his programming skills, especially using Python, with which he can now successfully programme code to read data in different methods as well as create a programme to display and manipulate data.

Danny is becoming more meticulous when working, especially with data, as he looks more carefully for unforeseen errors or anomalies he wouldn’t have noticed before the apprenticeship. He has grown more confident working with data, understanding better how to use it without undermining data protection or workplace regulations. The apprenticeship has produced an extra tool in supervision, to contextualise the apprentice’s data analysis focus which provides part of a performance framework aligned to the job description.

I am more confident in Danny’s ability to perform more difficult tasks since the start of the apprenticeship – it allows for Danny to inform us how he might better deliver his role in terms of new learned practice and productivity.”

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