Arthur Rigby – Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprentice at Ormskirk Hospital – on how he achieved a distinction in his apprenticeship

What would you say to someone considering a Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship?

“I’ve said to my manager that if anyone else at the business wanted to do this apprenticeship I would encourage them to do it, and I’d help them in any way that I could.

To prospective apprentices I’d say be prepared to work hard and attend all sessions, you get out what you put in. I’d say prepare well for the knowledge assessment examinations and be familiar with your portfolio, and participate fully and honestly in the end point assessment discussion.”


What does your job involve?

“Helpdesk calls come in – we have about 3,500 users across the hospital. Calls come in from pharmacists, consultants etc with IT related problems – we’re the first point of contact – from problems with their machine, or they have no access, or need held to upload something to intranet.

I do a small number of answering the service desk calls and I also deal with work allocation, statistical analysis and contractor management.

One of the things the Businesses Processes Module covers is Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). As a result of concentrating on that I brought that to work and now we have developed into a standard template 91 SOPs – they’re not just for the helpdesk team but the clinical application and the development team. It has really helped day-to-day.”

How has your role changed since you started your Apprenticeship?

“When I started the apprenticeship I worked in Business Change and Project Management, but we were undergoing a restructure so I wanted to improve my knowledge and widen my skill set – that’s why I did the apprenticeship.

Then, when the manager of the service desk was away for seven weeks I was asked to manage the service desk. It was challenging, there is a massive amount of clinical systems that we have here.

I was nervous at first, but you pick up more and more. After the restructure I was successful in being appointed Deputy Service Desk Manager, I definitely got that from the apprenticeship, along with a boost in confidence because of the opportunities it provided.

When I passed the first exam, it gave me a massive confidence boost for the exams that followed later on, and it also gave me a boost in work terms and lifted my self-esteem. It gained me more respect from my colleagues too because I had the qualification. The apprenticeship has given me a big boost – it’s really lifted me up.”

How did it feel to achieve a distinction?

“When I found out I got a Distinction I was absolutely stunned. I’d very much hoped I’d passed – I thought I’d be happy to get a Merit.

When I saw that it was a Distinction I was knocked over by it – I was really, really pleased with it. It made it all worthwhile, it was a lot of hard work.

My wife and daughter were really pleased and my line manager and deputy head of IT were really congratulatory and chuffed for me – they all said I’ve done really well. It lifted my self-confidence within the team.”

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