Claire Barrow, Environment Management Team Leader at the Environment Agency and Line Manager Of Level 4 Data Analyst Apprentice Sarah-Louise Gregory


                                                      “Sarah-Louise is thoroughly enjoying the apprenticeship and I can see that she is well-supported.”

“To other employers considering an apprenticeship in Level 4 Data Analyst I would advise that they understand the requirements of the course and the time commitment up-front, so that the apprentice is given the capacity to develop.

The apprenticeship is worth it in terms of the progress and value they add as they develop new skills – focus on the longterm benefit. Understand the time commitments and requirements as a mentor, taking time to ask questions at the start.

As an area lead on apprenticeships I believe in the value an apprenticeship can bring to developing employees and supporting progress in a business. I have been particularly impressed with the support from The ATP. The live virtual learning approach to training seems to benefit the apprentice and works well in terms of flexibility.

Sarah-Louise is thoroughly enjoying the course and I can see that she has been very well-supported. I am absolutely more confident in Sarah-Louise’s ability to perform more difficult tasks since the start of the apprenticeship.

She was new to the organisation, therefore she needed more guidance. Sarah-Louise does like to take time to understand and is patient with tasks she is given. She has picked up challenging projects and providing she has the time and work capacity, thrives on these new challenges.”

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