Gareth Callan – Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprentice at Priestley College – on how he has more responsibility at work since he began his apprenticeship

What would you say to someone considering a Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship?

“To anyone considering a Level 3 Infrastructure Technician apprenticeship I would say go for it. The knowledge you gain to support your role in the workplace will always be valuable, and having additional qualifications could never be a bad thing.

I like the way my trainer teaches the course—it’s not dreary, I work things through with him.

Having done a degree and now doing the apprenticeship I would hands down do the apprenticeship again with no regrets. It’s about learning and putting it into practice.”

What does your job involve?

“In my role I provide hardware and software support to staff and students. In our IT team of four, I provide network specific support and monitor the online helpdesk.

I set up users, manage individual and group access permissions, resolve network issues, manage and update software licenses and provide software support. I also go all over campus to set up and fix printers, projectors, audio and visual problems along with PCs and any other glitches. I also produce guides and

How has your role changed since you started your Apprenticeship?

“As the apprenticeship has gone on I have seen myself progress within my role. I have been given much more autonomy to complete work for the team. I have the confidence to work on my own initiative and the knowledge to complete tasks without assistance.

At the beginning of the course I was often directed to work with others and do a lot of shadowing, with others showing me how to do things. Now, they just ask me to ‘do this’ or say ‘can you go to this classroom and do that’. It makes me feel more useful and part of the team—I don’t feel like I’m just learning, I feel like an integrated member of the team.”

Please describe your experience of the apprenticeship with The ATP

“I previously had a poor experience with an apprenticeship, so I started with some reluctance. I have been surprised at how well the course is put together and how smooth everything has gone. My trainer and mentor have great communication. They collaborate with each other and myself to achieve the best results for me.

I enjoy learning new things, so the best part of the apprenticeship is to each week learn something new or in more detail than I already did. It has been nice to provide knowledge to my team that I have learned from the apprenticeship that they were yet to discover.

When we were changing over to Microsoft 365 from the server with my line manager I was able to say ‘it works this way’ and point him to different things.

It was really rewarding—it shows that what we are doing is related to the job and what I am learning on the course can be put into practice at work.”

How do you plan to use the apprenticeship to develop your career?

“After I finish the apprenticeship I hope to remain at the college, at least for the time being, and continue to gain valuable experience in the workplace. If there is the opportunity, I would consider working on a more specialised Level 4 programme with The ATP to enhance my knowledge. I wish to continue working within IT and progress.”

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