Jack Thorogood – Level 4 Associate Project Manager apprentice at The Hut Group – on how he has taken on more responsibility after just seven months in his apprenticeship

What would you say to someone considering a Level 4 Associate Project Manager apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship allows you to get as much experience as you want – you’ve got to open your mouth and ask for it. To prospective apprentices I’d say be confident, and if you want to get more experience in your workplace be sure to ask for it.

I like working with engineers on the layout of our warehouses so I’ve been given the opportunity to shadow the engineers, which is part of my Off the Job Training. Whatever you need to get from the apprenticeship, be proactive and ask for it. Your employer wants you to get the best from it.

What does your job involve?

“I help to launch new warehouse operations and implement the Warehouse Management System. This includes creating layout configurations and testing the Warehouse Management System to make sure it all works before we make the warehouse a live operation.

I take part in all tasks that are required to help us deliver a successful project, being involved gives me vocational experience and allows me to visualise what will happen during the next warehouse project. I work on location configurations, environment testing and on-going support once the warehouse is in full operation.

I travel to the new warehouses to help train new operations staff on how to use our Warehouse Management System. When we are not launching a new warehouse, we pick up smaller projects to help improve the service we offer, which includes creating training videos and documents to improve training for the next time we go out. We also complete critical changes to help improve warehouse processes.

I have travelled to Poland to create a training video, Dallas to launch a warehouse and Guernsey to complete a migration from an old Warehouse Management System to a new one.”


How has your role changed since you started your Apprenticeship?

“As I’ve spent more time on site and learned more about the systems, my responsibility has got greater – despite only being in my apprenticeship for seven months now.

When we were opening the Dallas warehouse my manager took the lead but I’ve just been told that myself and my colleague will be taking the lead on our first project of a warehouse together next time. We will be heading the project and managing it ourselves through to opening.

I definitely feel more confident now, I’m gaining new knowledge through the apprenticeship – we’ve just done a topic on the most efficient ways to communicate with team members and stakeholders and I found that really helpful.”

Do you have any other comments to make?

“My trainer at the ATP is great, really supportive. Whatever you’re struggling with, she will always make extra time to call and help.

I’m enjoying the apprenticeship so much that when I finish the Level 4 programme I’m wanting to do the Level 6 Degree Apprenticeship in Project Management. I want to gain more skills, knowledge and qualifications and gain more experience in different areas.”

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