Jessica Jones – Level 4 Information Systems Business Analyst apprentice at AXA Insurance since November 2020

“The apprenticeship has given me confidence in calling myself a business analyst.”

What would you say to someone considering a Level 4 Information Systems Business Analyst apprenticeship?

“To prospective apprentices I would say: If you want to embed your knowledge and learn best by doing, an apprenticeship is a fantastic way to learn.

Completing tasks, research and updating your portfolio is very time-consuming, and not for someone that doesn’t want to dedicate hours of their time to keep on track.”

Has your learning helped you develop in your role as a business analyst?

“Since starting the apprenticeship, I require less day-to-day support from my line manager in business analyst activities.

I have already been able to put things I have learnt as part of the apprenticeship into practice in the workplace—for example, I have used the stakeholder wheel when identifying stakeholders for a new project.”

How have you found your training sessions with The ATP?

The weekly training sessions with The ATP help to bring the theory alive; my trainer is great at giving real-life examples to provide context.

The training sessions are very interactive, and the practise tasks are great at providing the opportunity to practise the techniques myself.

I recognise that I am already using some techniques and there are lots more available to me.”


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