Keeping it going! Nicola Relton Apprentice on Furlough

I am a Business Analyst working for Konica Minolta Business Solutions.

I started the Level 4 Data Analyst apprenticeship in February 2020 and on 1st April 2020 I was furloughed because the workload in my
role diminished.

Like in many businesses, staff have been furloughed to protect costs and provide for continuation once the COVID-19 pandemic is
under control.

The data I am responsible for capturing and analysing pertains to the use and maintenance of many photocopiers. I produce a monthly
travel and expense report but as people are not travelling at present there is limited data to collect and work with. I would also be
completing an analysis on our cost per copy report, working on my objectives, dealing with any business intuitive issues and
approving SME and indirect sales pricing amongst other tasks and responsibilities.

Doing an apprenticeship on furlough has been a help to give me a focus and something productive to do during lockdown.
Some of the work is very challenging for example the Python coding. At the moment this feels like a brick wall in front of me, however
my trainer at the ATP is providing additional support sessions to help. I know that when I am proficient at this, it will add a great deal
of value in my role.

Going from a very busy role to furlough has meant that I have had to put structure in place to ensure I remain motivated and engaged. I
set myself specific times and days to work on. My advice to any other apprentices on furlough would be to stay strict with
yourself and set yourself targets.

The best part of being an apprentice on furlough is the time I am able to invest in working on my portfolio. It’s been good to focus on
this with time on my side.

A key goal for me is to be able code in Python for when I return to the office as this will be a big win in my job.

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