Thank you! Meg Nicholson – Evolve Project Lead

                                                                               Apprentices making a crucial difference during the COVID19 Pandemic!!

I started my Level 3 IT Professionals apprenticeship in October 2018.

My background is as a Surgical Nurse, however, I moved into the IM&T Team to work on Electronic Patient Record projects. Over the course of my apprenticeship I have taken on more responsibilities and the apprenticeship has helped me to gain more valuable skills to use in my role. For example, for one project we were contacted by the Head of Patient access as Greater Manchester, Pennine and Salford Trusts have amalgamated to support patients with cancer treatments.

Rochdale Infirmary has been set up as a COVID-19 free hospital, so that other treatment can continue safely there. I have been charged with the responsibility for sorting the elective admissions project, which utilises using both my clinical and new IT knowledge to determine what admissions forms should contain which data. The project has gone well, the site is now up and running and the first patients have been successfully admitted.

The second project has been that Gold Command at SRFT wanted some updates to nursing assessments in NW region to understand data for admissions of NHS staff due to COVID-19, so appropriate reports can be generated and support can be provided to Trusts and the staff’s family. This entailed changes to the nursing document data capture. I tested them in the three environments (test, train, live) and worked with the development team to ensure the appropriate reports could be generated from the system. This is now live and reports are being sent to the Head of People successfully.

I have also used knowledge gained through the apprenticeship to complete other projects such as Business Impact Analysis of EPR system reliability and Gap Analysis between two EPR systems overlapping in order to confirm robust functionality before one system is switched off and the other brought online. Not only has the apprenticeship given me technical skills, it has helped me to work in a more concise and streamlined manner. I am now more conscientious and have learnt so much
during the apprenticeship. I now think like an IT Professional as well as a Clinician!

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