Mike Hudson – line manager of Arco Cyber Security Technologist apprentice Josh Thorpe – tells us how Josh is adding value to the business

What does your and Josh’s job involve?

“Josh and I work in the Cyber Security team at Arco. We investigate and remediate security alerts. We are responsible for keeping more than 1600 colleagues, across 50 sites in the UK, safe and secure, and we also ensure security policies are followed. We maintain the security of approximately 1450 desktop machines, around 400 servers and we control access to software such as Office 365.”

How have you found your experience with The ATP? Would you recommend an apprenticeship to an employer looking to take on a new hire or upskill a member of staff?

“My initial expectation of the apprenticeship was one of trepidation. My fear was having to take on the ‘hand holding’ and training of a far less-experienced team member, and potentially to have to deal with immature attitudes and behaviour. It fast became apparent that wouldn’t be an issue with Josh. His work ethic, ability and desire to learn, along with the support he gets from the ATP has quickly made him semi-self sufficient, dependable and reliable.

“I feel the framework in place from The ATP ensures that the apprentice doesn’t fall too far behind on the deliverables and knowledge. Josh has been, and continues to be, an important part of the Cyber Security team and more so the department. I would highly recommend giving someone the opportunity to develop their skills and help alleviate some of the time pressures of tasks through resourcing issues.

The catch ups both virtually and physically with the ATP team have helped both Josh and I understand the process and ensure that we help Josh develop as much as possible to achieve his goal.”

Have you noticed a different in Josh’s capability since he began the apprenticeship?

“Josh’s overall knowledge of our systems, the technology in place and the industry best practices has progressed immensely. Working closely with his peers and through the ATP training he is quick to identify and highlight potential threats and issues. I’ve grown confident to allow Josh to manage most of his own tasks himself, as I know he has the knowledge or the forethought to seek advice from his peers where required.

Josh has definitely become more confident – we have a complex network that is forever changing and at first he shied away from doing tasks on his own, but now he jumps at it. He also often brings things to the table that he’s learnt from his trainer or from discussions with other apprentices.

Josh shows passion for learning new skills, and dives into new challenges feet first. I believe through his time working with us, he’s developed and improved many of his existing exemplary skills.

Josh is quick to pick up and own tasks, showing confidence speaking with both internal and external customers and colleagues. He’s dedicated, and sees projects through to the end, ensuring he delivers nothing but the best, often seeking out creative criticism and building on his feedback.”

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