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In just over four years, the ATP is hugely grateful to have been chosen to provide Apprenticeship services by a number of Public Sector organisations throughout England. These include 35 NHS Trusts, 10 Local Authorities and numerous Schools, Universities and Colleges. Additionally, we partner with the Police Force, Network Rail, The Ombudsman Service, DEFRA, the Environment Agency and many Housing Associations. Testimonials and references are available upon request.

In many cases, Public Sector organisations undergo a comprehensive tender process in order to select Apprenticeship providers. Those employers that have selected the ATP post tender process demonstrates that our services and provision are highly compatible with their specific needs and preferences.

The ATP is approved by the following procurement organisations:

NHS SBS, NHS Collaborative Procurement Portal, NHS England eTendering,
NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP), In-Tend (NHS South of England) and NHS Supply Chain Procurement.

Crown Commercial Service – Apprenticeships (DPS) Dynamic Market Place

The Chest North West Portal                                 EastMids Tenders
YOR Tender                                                                 Nottingham DAAP
Bluelight Portals                                                        Delta e-Sourcing
ProContract (Due North)

In addition to new apprentice recruits, the ATP provides apprenticeships to numerous Public Sector existing employees who are upskilling or changing their direction.

With so many organisations having taken advantage of the age restrictions being lifted for apprenticeships, we are grateful to be able to say that our youngest apprentices trained are 16 and our oldest to date was 60 and achieved a Distinction!

To find us, please note The Apprentice and Training Partnership (“the ATP”) is a trading name of Technical Professionals Limited; company number 06161067. Our office addresses can be found on our contact page.

Welcome to our dedicated NHS division

One of our specialisms is the tailored apprenticeship service we provide for our beloved NHS!

We have dedicated this section to our NHS existing and potential clients because you all share many similar issues and goals.

Without exception, all of our existing NHS clients chose the ATP us for many of the following reasons;

  • Our commitment to delivering ‘Full Option’ Apprenticeships (full explanation can be found in the Employers section) so that the widest range of choice and tailoring of the apprenticeships is available
  • Our provision of value-added and add-on exams and qualifications
  • Our configuring of specialist NHS specific apprenticeship programmes for EPR team members
  • Our flexible delivery model that minimises work disruption, provides flexibility and works especially well for existing employees who are taking an apprenticeship for upskilling purposes
  • The numerous testimonials and recommendations gained from other NHS clients. Thankfully so many NHS employees across different Trusts know each other and share their experiences of working with us, for which we are hugely grateful!

From continuing to grow closer to our NHS clients and gain a deeper understanding of their needs we now provide even more tailored options. For example;

The ATP is registered with the following procurement channels;

  • NHS London Procurement Partnership
  • NHS Collaborative Procurement Portal
  • Crown Commercial Service
  • The Chest
  • EastMids Tenders
  • YOR Tender
  • Nottingham Directory of approved Apprenticeship Providers
  • Bluelight


The Apprentice and Training Partnership is a Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) Main Provider.

To find us, please note The Apprentice and Training Partnership (“the ATP”) is a trading name of Technical Professionals Limited; company number 06161067 registered in England & Wales at 5th Floor 14-16 Dowgate Hill, London, EC4R 2SU.

Vocational Apprenticeship Centre Manager, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

I have been particularly happy with the relationship that has been built through constant communication and support from ATP staff. Successful outcomes are dependent on a good relationship between apprentice, employer and provider so we really value the commitment the ATP has put in to develop this excellent working relationship.
This collaborative style of working has extended to our own apprenticeship provision, with the ATP acting very much as a critical friend offering advice and guidance for our development team even when the advisory input does not directly help to further their reach with their own programmes.

Karen - Lead for Functional Skills and External Providers Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.  Our learners results not only reflect their achievements, but also your commitment and support to them.  I have seen from our learners comments that your support is not limited to Monday to Friday, but through to Sunday morning!  That really is outstanding and I thank you for that.”

Business Manager & ISDN Lead, Northern Care Alliance

The ATP was selected from a number of other Training Providers by both Salford Royal and Pennine Acute Trust, this was mainly due to the apprenticeships they offered, in particular, the range of options they offered within each apprenticeship that would enable us to have them tailored to the varying needs that exist within our large IT and PMO departments.

In addition to the range of options, we were attracted by The ATP’s ability to provide onsite bitesize training rather than staff being away from the office for a whole day, which is particularly crucial for the technical services areas. Since engaging with The ATP they have delivered their products and service as promised in a well organised and effective manner.

In any instances where apprentices or my management team have had queries, The ATP have responded promptly and even revisited us in person to reiterate information and ensure everyone is clear and comfortable with the plans for moving forward.

Learning & Development, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, Employer Survey August

I am very pleased with all aspects of my dealings with ATP -particularly impressed with their flexibility and desire to understand service and workforce needs. They are approachable and quick to respond to queries.

Gareth Level 3 Infra Tech, Priestley College

“I like the way my trainer teaches the course – it’s not dreary, I work things through with him.”

“I previously had a poor experience with an apprenticeship, so I started with some reluctance. I have been surprised at how well the course is put together and how smooth everything has gone.”

“My trainer and mentor have great communication. They collaborate with each other and myself to achieve the best results for me.”

James – Level 4 Cyber Security, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

“The ATP delivery model provides flexibility to balance studies and tasks with my busy workload.”

“The trainers and mentors tailor the delivery to individuals; for example, I have dyslexia, and instead of submitting reams of written work, my trainer proposed doing podcasts instead, which I am now very proficient at. This flexibility has really helped me progress unhindered.”

“The level of support provided by all staff has been just right (not to intrusive) and I have always felt respected by whoever I have spoken to.”

“My trainer has been an absolute pleasure to learn from, he feels more like a facilitator than a trainer and clearly knows how to get the best out of his students; he clearly has lots of life experience and is very relatable.”

“My mentor is an absolute diamond – she is both great at mentoring me in my apprenticeship, but also completely understanding when work and home life sometimes gets in the way. The ATP have been great!”


Sam (Level 4 Data Analyst), The Environment Agency

“I am grateful to my trainer and The ATP team and really see the value already added from what I have learned.”

Claire – Line manager of Level 4 Data Analyst apprentice Sarah-Louise, The Environment Agency

“As an area lead on apprenticeships, I believe in the value an apprenticeship can bring to developing employees and supporting progress in a business. I have been particularly impressed with the support from The ATP. The live virtual learning approach to training seems to benefit the apprentice and works well in terms of flexibility. Sarah-Louise is thoroughly enjoying the course and I can see that she has been very well-supported.”

Shishu – EPR apprentice, Northern Care Alliance NHS Group

“I have enjoyed the programme – without the support and understanding from my ATP mentor I wouldn’t have been able to complete this programme. I am very thankful to my ATP mentor, who was always there and encouraged me when the times were hard.”

Danny – Level 4 Data Analyst, Nottingham City Council

“The ATP have been great in providing the apprenticeship course, and everyone involved is friendly, understanding and encouraging. The flexibility of the course is brilliant, because all of the training can be done from wherever you are.”

Tammy – Level 4 Apprentice, Royal Wolverhampton NHS

“I initially felt that a lot of what I was learning wasn’t really relevant to my current role, but whenever I was unsure, I was able to contact my trainer and she would help me see that it actually was.”

Steven – Sam (Level 4 Data Analyst) line manager, The Environment Agency

“Sam seems to really thoroughly enjoy the apprenticeship and this includes his interactions with The ATP team.”

Aaron – Level 4 Business Analyst, Abri Housing

“The trainers are fantastic, it is really relaxed and, as long as you put the effort in, you will reap the rewards. I am enjoying it immensely.”

“My trainer is incredible, from what I have witnessed so far. His style is very relaxed, but he is incredibly insightful and always goes the extra mile.”

“My mentor has been incredible. I always feel like I can message her with questions; she is very down to earth and steers me gently into the right path. I have loved working with them.”

Anthony – Line manager of (Level 4 Data Analyst Danny), Nottingham City Council

“With the ATP, the live virtual training approach has been incredibly flexible and easily adjustable around Danny’s work schedule, especially during the lockdown. He feels fully involved with his trainer and the class and can pick up more knowledge and skills through screen sharing as he can see the content more clearly onscreen.”

“The training and ATP team have been good and very engaging in all areas of learning.”


Charlton – Level 3 Software Development Technician, De Montfort University

“I’d like to say to The ATP a big thank you – they have been brilliant. Everyone is caring, wanting to help ensure I am getting on okay. I feel so welcomed.”

“My trainer is great – the lessons are really interactive, and the tasks are interesting. He goes the extra mile.”


Our Values



Our commitment to delivering our services with honest, ethical & moral principles with complete transparency.


By putting our employers and learners at the heart of what we do attracts fruitful long-term relationships and the desired outcomes for learners.


Going the extra mile, thinking outside the box & taking responsibility to ensure customers get what they need.


ATP people love what they do & this shows in their results.


The ATP recruits & trains highly capable & committed educators & provides them with the very best in support, tools and resources


 Our commitment to delivering our services with honest, ethical & moral principles with complete transparency.


By putting our employers and their learners at the heart of what we do attracts fruitful long-term relationships and the desired outcomes for learners.


 Going the extra mile, thinking outside the box & taking responsibility to ensure customers get what they need.


 ATP people love what they do & this shows in their results.


The ATP recruits & trains highly capable & committed people & provides them with the very best in resources to facilitate to deliver.

The ATP is a provider of apprenticeships in the following categories; Technology, Digital, Data and Business Analysis.

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The ATP is a provider of ‘Full Option Apprenticeships’ in the following categories; Technology, Analysis, Projects and Leadership.

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