Rachel Stott – Level 4 Associate Project Manager apprentice with the Zero Suicide Alliance – gives advice to prospective apprentices

What advice would you give to someone considering an Associate Project Manager apprenticeship?

“To someone considering a Level 4 Associate Project Manager apprenticeship, I would say it is a brilliant apprenticeship and I would advise people to go ahead and complete it. It will give you so many opportunities in your career – take everything as it comes.

I would advise that they have to be determined and dedicated. It isn’t just something to do just once a week – there is a lot that you have to put into it and without that effort I don’t think it would work.

Make sure you put 100% effort into it and give yourself time to do it. It has been great and I can’t thank my trainers, mentors and the ATP enough for all their hard work and effort.”

What have you enjoyed most about the apprenticeship?

“The thing I enjoy most about doing my apprenticeship is the learning and the practical side of things – when I am finding evidence and then writing about it. I enjoyed learning about different areas and also learning at home myself about the subject and I enjoyed the course.
This apprenticeship has been more practical than I expected, which enables you to learn more – you get a lot of experience.”

How has your role changed since you started the programme?

“Since starting the apprenticeship I have been given a lot more responsibility – I have a great deal of responsibility now. In the past, I’ve always managed the orders and ordered everything for the team but, since starting my apprenticeship, I now process invoices and manage the process of payments for the team, starting from general orders to invoices over £50k.

I have always mentored new members of staff when they start, but since starting my apprenticeship I have taken on my own apprentice – I manage his appraisals, training and leave, I am his line manager.

I have also been given the responsibility of attending conferences in London and Ireland, as well as helping with events and helping with staff training at big companies.”

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