Ryan Shearsmith—Level 4 Associate Project Manager apprentice at The Hut Group

“Being part of the ATP family
encourages you to ask anything
you desire”

“What I enjoy most about my apprenticeship is the motivational and structured learning. The ATP provides weekly virtual lessons, regular support contact (as required) and supportive staff. Nothing ever seems too much trouble for them to help with and it is a completely refreshing and pleasant environment to be in.

Working with the ATP has been an absolute pleasure, I have a talented and knowledgeable trainer and mentor to guide and drive me through my journey. They continue to be an absolute delight and their extra efforts with me are duly noted and greatly appreciated.

My main advice to any new apprentices: Ask questions. If you don’t ask how will you ever know and progress? Being part of the ATP family brings an environment where it is safe to ask anything you desire; they are there to help.”

“In my first month at THG there were many introductions to staff I would most likely work with, along with learning the general operations. I attended process meetings and visited our main warehouse to observe and learn the end to end process. Since then (seven months) there have been some extraordinary changes within my tasks/responsibilities.

My role now can vary considerably. My responsibilities include, stakeholder management along with project scoping the time, cost, risk, quality and resource. I monitor progress and resolve any issues. In addition to this, I play a part in team morale, relationship development and innovation to ensure that I remain on top of my objectives. When the opportunity presents, I like to bring elements of my own vision and personal touch to my role.”

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