Safety and Continuance:

Since the UK government made the recent recommendations to slow the spread the Coronavirus (COVID19), the ATP has made immediate adaptations to ensure the very best in safety and continuance for our client employers, apprentices and internal staff.

To meet all of the safety guidelines the ATP has immediately adapted our delivery model to provide all learning without disruption directly to the apprentices’ place of work or home. So providing they are well enough to continue learning and have access to a computer and internet connection, their apprenticeship will be business as usual!

All of our team have been provided with the tools and resources to deliver all teaching, mentoring and review meetings from their homes. So during this time there is no need for any risk through contact to occur for the whole duration of the apprenticeship if necessary.

The ATP Delivery Model is based on the following:

  • IT, analytical and project management apprentices generally prefer learning through this type of advanced medium, they engage well and enjoy using the technology to learn through
  • Weekly bitesize (1.5 to 2 hour) lessons optimise progression and promote sustained in-lesson concentration
  • Apprentices and employers schedule off-the-job training at times which suit them
  • Employers save on expenses from apprentice travel to and from training centres
  • Logging into a live session is the most cost and time effective learning method
  • The use of Zoom type communication tools is becoming more commonplace in work, hence working with these tools will also help prepare apprentices for the future of communications

The ATP Delivery Model:

    • Apprenticeship training is delivered through a blend of weekly live web-based classrooms and extended one-to-one mentoring sessions every four weeks
    • These live classrooms are held in Zoom. This software provides the full suite of educational tools including everything you would find in a conventional classroom and more e.g:
      • open interactions between apprentices
      • private break-out rooms for group study
      • note and question queues
      • interactive illustration boards
    • Zoom also has the capability to use movie ‘green screen’ technology, which the ATP uses for lesson illustrations
    • A full timetable for the training and mentoring, exams and assessments is provided at the outset. Progress is reviewed at 12 week intervals in Zoom meeting between the mentor, apprentice and employer (typically the apprentice’s line manager)
    • Exercises, labs and tasks can all be completed online, including tasks set for off-the-job training
    • Employers and apprentices have full visibility of progress in real-time by accessing the e-portfolio system, alternatively regular updates can be provided by other means if preferred.

      End Point Assessment:

    • Even the final End Point Assessment interview can be held digitally over Zoom or other web based live communication services.

If you have any questions about the Delivery Model or would like to book an information session,
please contact our team: T. 0330 380 0249 or E.  [email protected]