Sam Bartlett – Data Analyst apprentice at Environment Agency Yorkshire – on how he made a crucial difference during the COVID-19 pandemic

“I started the Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship with the ATP September 2019. I want to share some achievements. I have been involved in supporting the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. I have just completed a data project to devise a way for Local Environment Agency Teams to track their welfare and work from home capacity during the COVID-19 crisis. This allows the Environment Agency to optimise well-being, workload and incident response capacity, so we can stop, slow and protect workers while maintaining Agency critical activities.

The legacy system comprised of individual spreadsheets (lots of them) which I arranged as a ‘data cube’ that utilised 3D formulas to divide the data up for retrieval through a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard and sheets provides separate credentials so that relevant teams access their own segments. The new system uses ‘edge computing’.

All the data is collected and analysed on individuals’ machines and returned via email ready to be updated as needed. The system is now faster, more user-friendly and uses less resources. My master sheet then has a substantial VBA code looping through all sheets so appending and amending occurs in real time by employee ID. It has an array of all 42 row headers, primary keys and a host of other features I learned in my apprenticeship. My apprenticeship has been instrumental in being able to deliver this project.”


“In November 2019, just two months into my apprenticeship, my role involved mapping and data visualisation. This includes (amongst other things) directing drone flights and oblique aerial imagery fly overs and ensuring live feeds are being shown in the incident rooms. I also generated GIS maps requested by various emergency response teams (Fire, mountain rescue, EA, Police etc).

I used the initial python coding I learned to improve the labels and integer calculations on attributes. Simple, but really useful for getting clear messages out quickly that help towards mitigating the impacts of floods. I am grateful to Chris and the ATP team and really see the value already added from what I have learned.”

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