Shishu Miah—NHS Electronic Patient Records Apprentice

“Everything I’ve learnt in my apprenticeship, I put to use on a daily basis.”

“Everything that I have learnt in my apprenticeship I put to use on a daily basis. For example, I’ve learnt that when communicating with others I need to slow down when speaking and take my time. My presentation skills have improved and I’ve learnt to read through after I’ve written reports to make sure it all makes sense. I’ve also learnt how to use formulas on Excel and how to process them, and how to use Microsoft Word. After I finish my apprenticeship I would like to do another apprenticeship if possible. It has benefited me for the future as I have developed new skills. My aspirations are to progress up the career ladder.

To anyone considering an apprenticeship I would encourage them to do it – it will benefit them and they will learn new skills. Even though it might sound like it takes a long time to complete (in the early stages I thought 24 months was too long), it will all be worth it.”

“I work for the Northern Care Alliance NHS Group. My role is to train doctors, nurses and health care workers on using our systems. I learn how to use new software and then implement training across the group.”

“I have enjoyed the programme – without the support and understanding from my ATP mentor I wouldn’t have been able to complete this programme. I am very thankful to my ATP mentor, who was always there and encouraged me when the times were hard. I am also very grateful to my manager who encouraged me to take this course and gave me a dedicated time to invest in the programme.”

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