Steven Gordon – line manager of Level 4 Data Analyst Apprentice Sam Bartlett – The Environment Agency

“This is my first time managing an apprentice, and if this is the standard that is available, I am very happy to keep on doing it.”

“I manage one of seven teams in Yorkshire responsible for regulating the waste industry in the county. There are over a thousand permitted sites which require regular interventions to ensure compliance with the legal requirements of their permits. Sam’s role involves being in charge of delivering all of our metrics in Regulated Industry in Yorkshire. He is developing both area and national reporting systems, he manages our Regulated Industry board and he is a key member of our flood incident response team. I could go on.

This is my first time managing an apprentice, and if this is the standard available I am very happy to keep on doing it. I expected the apprentice to require a lot more supervision and have a negative impact on resources for a long period of time. Right from the beginning Sam has had a positive impact and his contribution to delivery has far outstripped any negative impacts regarding onboarding and managing him.

The combination of formal ‘off the job’ training and the demands of the role has ensured Sam’s knowledge has increased significantly.  The fact that he has then had to apply it in real situations has ensured it has been tested under actual work conditions which has also greatly increased his confidence.

He gets real time feedback and has to accept challenges from colleagues on the effectiveness of his contribution. This drives him on to improve.

Sam seems to thoroughly enjoy the apprenticeship and this includes his interactions with the ATP team. To other employers considering an apprenticeship, I would say that as long as you get the right person I think it is a brilliant opportunity for both the apprentice and the business.”


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