What is the difference between “streamed lessons”, “online learning” and “live virtual learning”?


The ATP has been successfully delivering live fully interactive learning through virtual learning environments for almost 3 years. Over which time we have adapted and improved all aspects of the offering to suit this method of teaching apprentices.

Streamed lessons are merely broadcasts of a lesson. There is no two-way interaction, even the most sophisticated types offer just commentary and visual aids.

Online learning is often an unhelpful term because it can refer to any grade of learning delivered through the internet ranging from poor grade streamed/recorded lessons to the highest grade of live virtual learning.

So, let’s set the bar. The highest grade live virtual learning has everything including the curriculums, schemes of work, sequencing, resources, tasks, lesson length and teaching methods tailored around virtual learning delivery. Great virtual learning is a science far removed from delivering lectures online.

ATP live virtual learning provides:

  • Live all way interactions i.e. teacher to apprentice, apprentice to teacher and apprentice to apprentice. All attendees are also visible to each other
  • Apprentices in different organisations and sectors benefit from sharing and collaborating on tasks and exercises
  • Apprentices each have a front-row view of the teacher, visual aids and resources
  • Open or confidential questions can be directed to the teacher
  • Group collaborative exercises are set in in private break-out rooms which are monitored and assisted by the teacher
  • Unlike the picture above, classes are limited to 15 apprentices to ensure great teacher to learner ratios
  • Teachers tailor delivery around apprentice individual learning styles and responses
  • Teachers real-time assess apprentice progression and provide stretch and challenge or additional tutoring
  • Teachers provide individualised marking and feedback
  • Lesson durations are limited to two hours and are packed with varied content so that engagement and concentration is maximised
  • Lessons are recorded for recap, revision internal quality assurance, even employer preview
  • Apprentices can attend from home or work locations eliminating travel time and cost
  • Teachers are on hand between lessons to speak or Zoom with apprentices to support them fully throughout their apprenticeship

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